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Accounting and Auditing

1.  Evaluating financial and administrative systems applicable in the establishment, verifying efficiency thereof and being proper to nature and volume of establishment's business and verifying efficiency thereof in accomplishing internal control properly enabling data acquisition speedily.

2.   Auditing bylaws of the establishment and follow up application thereof to ensure proper financial procedures and actions, studying used records, books, models, and documents and identifying sufficiency, harmony and integration thereof according to common accounting practices and conventions, rules and regulations valid in the Kingdom.

3.   Check and audit materials procurement procedures and how to handle the same in accounting aspect and documentary cycle related to the same.

4. Check and audit all financial and accounting data through periodic auditing and conducting daily operations tests to verify accounting books.

5.   Auditing used documents and records to identify consistency of the accounting system to business nature and establish recommendations as the firm deems necessary, whether related to records or applied documentary cycle.

6.   Inspecting accounts receivable and conduct periodic follow up over debited accounts, especially bad debts and notifying the management on the same to adopt necessary actions timely.

7. Verifying assets and liabilities of the establishment and attending the comprehensive annul inventory for cash and stock. Such issue may require conducting visits to business locations.

8.  Preparing periodic report every three (3) months showing the financial status in partnership with financial officer of the establishment and whenever the same is requested by the customer.  

9. Auditing final accounts of the establishment and preparing necessary settlements to issue the general balance sheet by the end of the fiscal year according to common accounting practices.

10. Providing Zakat and Income Tax Authority with copy of financial statements by the end of each fiscal year and follow up Zakat or Tax status settlement with the Authority in order to receive restricted or final certificate and responding on behalf of the establishment on any queries raised by the Authority, whenever customer requests the same and through a separate letter.


11. Submitting special report to shareholders or establishment proprietor including entire analysis on business outcomes and financial status of the establishment by end of the fiscal year.